Change Vision:

Pulls You into the Future

Vision can be a stereotypical empty statement nobody cares about or remembers. Or, equally bad and perhaps worse, it can be so persuasive it will stop people from thinking and create mindless followers (i.e. cults).


What is vision?


First, a vision has a vibrant, tantalising, and sought after, often idealised future state (vision goal). Strong visions have been found to be more memorable and provide more motivation.


Next, a vision is spread to followers with mental imagery, or a verbal portrait is provided that is well-articulated typically with widespread communication (vision magnetism). When a vision is considered important and desirable it infuses value into the organisation.


And vision has a model that contains processes which enable and empower followers to achieve it or reach for it (vision clarity). When a vision is so clear that people - as it were - can “see” it and “touch” it, it provides direction and criteria for the important choices to be made.


When communicating about your vision it is wise to use image-based words rather than conceptual words (smile vs. enjoy) as the former is more clearly linked to an observable behaviour (smile). This image-based communication of vision will be further strengthened by connecting it to a limited number of values (i.e. too many values will fracture collective sense making).

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