Change Drive:

Pushes You into the Future

Drive is about what we expect. There needs to be a positive relationship between the effort we put in and the result of our effort. Can we make a difference?


Self-efficacy is the “belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to produce given attainments.” There are four sources of self-efficacy: experience of past relevant tasks, (vicarious) experience of others, encouragement from others, and our assessment of our own psychological and emotional state.


If there is no clear way we can connect our efforts to a desirable result, we disconnect. This utility judgment influences our intensity, our amount of effort.


Also, there needs to be a positive relationship between good performance and the reward for this. The ultimate reward is reaching the vision, but the “journey” towards the vision needs to be rewarding as well.


Our progress judgment influences our persistence, our duration of action. So, it needs to be desirable, worthwhile and progressing and that takes us full circle.


The stronger our expectancy, utility and progress, the stronger our motivation (or drive). If a job or task is new to us we set expectations based on the experience of others, the encouragement of others and our assessment of self. Change is not something we should be alone in.

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